The Business of Beats: Selling and Licensing Your Music

Learn how to turn your music passion into a profitable business. This post covers selling and licensing your music, understanding the music licensing industry, selling music online, building relationships with artists and record labels, understanding copyright and intellectual property, and pricing and negotiating licensing deals. Unleash your inner music entrepreneur!

Enhance Your Beats with Foley Sampling: Realism and Depth from Everyday Sounds

Learn how to incorporate Foley sounds, everyday sounds from the real world, into your beats to add realism and depth. Foley sampling is a widely used technique in the film industry, but it can also enhance music production. Discover the benefits, common Foley sounds to consider, how to record and process Foley sounds, and creative ways to integrate them into your beats. Elevate your music to a whole new level of authenticity and creativity with Foley sampling.